My name is Susann Pohl. I’m an experienced freelance motion designer based in Oslo, Norway. I do both 2D and 3D animations for TV, commercials, social media and real-time graphics.

I’m originally from Germany and as long as I can remember I’ve loved animation. Which is why I went to The German Film School near Berlin in 2002 to become a digital artist. During my time there I learned a bit of everything when it comes to visual effects and digital production. I mainly focused on compositing but my passion was always in type and logo animation.

After I never really found my place in movie productions, I decided to leave Berlin. In 2008 I joined the On-Air-Promotion team at VOX a German private TV-Station in Cologne. There I learned a lot more about graphics- and motion-design. But also about tight deadlines, working very closely with clients and how to develop designs in big teams.

I discovered the demoscene around this time, which got me interested in real-time graphics. I created my first real-time works in 2010 and haven’t stopped since. I love working with the limitations and challenges that come with the territory.